PC Board Lead Cutter

A manually operated, variable speed offline system for accurately trimming the leads on pc boards to uniform length after soldering. It is designed to meet cutting tolerances of industry and military specifications, with precautions to insure operator safety. Operation is simple, yet very effective for meeting requirements of a wide variety of board shapes and sizes. Cutting is accomplished by manually moving the cutter in an X-Y axis over the fixed pc board.


The standard unit is designed for boards up to 17 x 16 inches (432 x 406 mm). It is a highly versatile system with maximum operator control.

Dual hand grips move the cutter in an X-Y axis over a base plate on which the board is fixtured and secured. Each hand grip has a momentary button switch and both must be depressed simultaneously by the operator for the cutter blade to rotate. If either switch is released, the motor and cutter will automatically stop within 5 seconds at maximum RPM. This eliminates any possibility of the operator's hands coming in contact with the cutter blade while it is rotating. The board is held in place with a clamping action, locked by a cam lever for a quick board changeout. Optional vacuum fixturing is available, which reduces board warpage during cutting, provides a more precise board hold-down system and permits faster board changes after trimming.

Cutter Height Adjustment

The height adjustment is set for a minimum of 030 inches (.8 mm) above the board at the factory. The micro adjustment knob located on the top of the motor housing is graduated in 111000 inches for precision adjustment of the cutter blade from .015 inches(0.381 mm) above the board. A locking lever located on the side of the motor housing is provided to "Lock-in" the height adjustment and provide the user with consistent results. 

Selective Trimming

By using locking rings on the shafts of the system, selective trimming can be accomplished. This allows the user to cut around components such as connectors, screws terminals, etc., which are not to be cut and gives the operator complete control for fast, efficient use of the lead cutter. 

Safety Features

The system is designed to ensure complete operator safety and incorporates five standard safety features. It requires both hands on the hand grips for the cutter blade to rotate; has a key operated On-Off switch to prevent unauthorized use; a plexi-glass cutter guard with plastic covered fringe system to contain scrap leads while providing for maximum visibility of the cutting area; an adjustable front cutter guard; and a dynamic motor brake to quickly stop the cutter blade from rotating when power is removed. 

Cutter Blade

A rotating, precision ground, tungsten carbide blade cuts by slicing the leads with a sharp, smooth edge. There are no teeth or serrations on the blade to transmit vibrations or shock to the components or to fracture the solder joint. The blade is height adjustable to uniformly cut leads to any desired length between .030 and .080 inch (.8 and 2.03 mm). Tolerances can be maintained through thousands of operations. Most type lead materials including Kovar can be trimmed. The number of leads cut between sharpenings will vary from 300,000 to 1,000,000 depending on the material and diameter of the leads as well as the diameter of the cutter blade used. Cutter blades are available in 3 and 4 inch (76 and 102 mm) diameters. The 3 inch (76 mm) diameter blade can be sharpened, when done properly, a minimum of 20 times and the 4 inch (102 mm), a minimum of 30 times. 

Universal Vacuum Fixturing (Optional)

The universal vacuum fixturing allows the use of rectangular boards up to 17 x 16 inches. Set up time is only a few minutes. A specially designed groove in the top of the fixture rails allows for quick and easy insertion of the board while the clamping device assures fast lock-in of the board. Support standoffs can also be used to insure the printed circuit board is held flat at all times. 

Production Vacuum Fixturing (Optional)

The production vacuum fixture allows the user the most efficient use of the lead cutter. The fixture will accommodate any size or shape board up to 15 x 16 inches(381 x 406 mm). In addition, multiple smaller boards can be fixtured. Interchange of boards takes a minimum of time. The board is held flat in position without warping by use of standoffs attached to the base. The TrimPak II vacuum system draws the board flat for precision trimming and is designed for quiet, continuous, trouble free operation. The vacuum system produces approximately 80 inches (203 cm) of water which will flatten the most severely warped printed circuit boards.


Close-up of cutting area with plexi-glass cutter guard and plastic fringes to contain scrap leads. Mounted on top of the motor guard is a micrometer height adjustment for the cutter ring, graduated in 001" increments


System shown with continuous cutter speed control and ON-OFF key operated switch on front panel. The board is secured on the baseplate fixture and clamped in place by a cam lever that permits quick board changeover. Circular opening in rear is for vacuum attachment. Fixture modules and support standoffs are shown on baseplate.


TrimPak II equipped with optional production vacuum fixture. It can be quickly interchanged with standard fixturing. The standoffs in the foreground of the baseplate assure the pc board is held uniformly flat

Specifications Model II

Maximum Board Size

Trim Height

Cutter Speed

Maximum Component Height

Power Input


Weight (approx)


17" x 16" (432mm x 406mm)

.030" to 1.00" (.8 to 25.4 mm)

Variable to 10,000 RPM

2.00" (51 mm)

110 VAC 1 Phase 50/60 Hz 5 Amp

220 VAC 1 Phase 50/60 Hz 2.6 Amp


110 VAC -----150 lbs. (68kg)

220 VAC -----170 lbs. (77kg)