Stainless-Steel Basket for cleaning small P.C. Boards thru an in-line cleaner:

The basket is made of welded stainless-steel mesh, .500" square open grid. The mesh wire diameter is .062".  All edges and corners are reinforced for added strength and protection. The basket is in two equal halves, held together by a stainless-steel hinge running the full length of the basket. A clasp keeps the basket closed during the cleaning process.


STANDARD SIZES  W = Width  L =  Length H = Height (when closed)
A1400-000-00-0  16" 18" 2.25"
A1400-000-00-5 16" 18" 1.25"



Optional Flat Inserts


.500" open grid square mesh wire cloth .062" wire to hold Flex circuits down PHOTO .125" open grid square mesh wire cloth .025" wire, all edges hemmed to protect bottom SMT components