Optional Attachments


Part No. A-5201-000-00-0

Used with the automatic system only, this mechanism guides axial components into the die. It can be quickly and easily adjusted to accept different body diameters and lengths. The attachment is pre-aligned and mounts by means of two captive machine screws. This interface attachment provides for completely automatic operation when used with the automatic machine and the card, reel or hopper feed accessories, which must be ordered separately.


Part No. A-5202-000-00-0*

Consists of cast aluminum holding arm, spindle, ratchet feed tabs and attaching hardware. For use with taped axial lead components and capable of rates in excess of 14,000 components per hour.


Part No. A-5203-000-00-0*

Consists of pre-aligned vertical chute with adjustable guides. Comes equipped with 1/4 and 1/2 watt shuttle bars to support and maintain the leads parallel with the axis of the component body. Shuttle bars for 1/8, i and 2 watt components can be furnished on specialorder. Card feed operation is capable of processing in excess of 10,000 components per hour.

*Shown with axial lead attachment. Feed accessories can only be operated with axial lead guide attachment A-5201-000-00-0 


Part No. A-5205-000-00-0*

Consists of plastic bin, air vibrator and valve stem adaptor for tapping main air supply. Furnished with 1/4 and 1/2 watt size bins with others available on special order. Can process up to 7000 bulk axial components per hour.


Part No. A-5206-000-00-0

For cutting multiple leads of in-line components, such as capacitors and chokes, using an inclined guide arrangement and scissor-action shear die. The lead cut length is adjustable by raising or lowering the inclined guide. When used for semiautomatic machine-paced feed operation, it is capable of cutting an average of 2200 components per hour. The attachment is furnished complete with air vibrator, feed chute and universal cutoff die set. It is pre-aligned and mounts by means of two captive machine screws.