Two standard models available

One a single stroke manual feed unit for low volume axial, radial or special component requirements The second model offers an automatic unit for high volume card or reel feed axial requirements. The automatic unit, which can also be adapted for hoppers, converts to a single stroke unit for radial and special components at the flick of a switch.

The design and pneumatic operation assure that even delicate components can be safely processed without damage due to impact. Because there is no motor or electrical connections, and because of its simplified design, operation is trouble-free requiring minimum maintenance even under the most severe production line conditions. The Electroprep operates on clean, lubricated air. Once connected to a suitable air supply, the system can be immediately put into operation. It requires a minimum 10 x 14 inches (254 x 356 mm) of usable table space. A pullout drawer receives cut and formed components.

Single Stroke Lead Forming Machine

Part No. A-5100-000-00-0

Designed for manual-feed operation, this machine is ideal for low volume axial lead or radial and special component production requirements. The unit has a single action foot pedal control that frees both hands for maximum operator efficiency and speed. The machine comes complete and requires only a factory air supply of 50 PSI (346 kPa) minimum and .2 CFM (0.34 m3/hr) during normal operation.


Automatic Lead Forming Machine

Part No. A-5200-000-00-0

A very versatile unit capable of single-stroke, semiautomatic or completely automatic operation for axial lead components. Both single-stroke and semiautomatic operation require hand feed, with the latter mode of operation capable of speed adjustment for machine auto-paced operation. An optional axial lead guide attachment, with the proper feed accessories, converts the system to fully automatic operation for either card, reel or hopper feed. It is also capable, with proper attachments, of processing capacitors semi-automatically. All guide attachment and accessories are pre-aligned for quick, easy location, setup and changeover.